This project could not have been possible without the help and assistance of (in no particular order):

Glasgow University Archive Services and Lesley Richmond; The Business Archives Council of Scotland; Anna Stone, Aviva Group Archivist; London Metropolitan Archives; The National Archives of Scotland; Dr Alison Rosie and Tessa Spencer at The National Register of Archives for Scotland; Dundee University Special Collections and Archives; Dundee City Archives; Edinburgh City Archives; Corus Records Management; The Almond Valley Heritage Centre (and their magnificent Shale Oil Project); Aberdeen City Archives; University of Aberdeen Archives; BP Archives; Maureen Burnside; Heart of Hawick Heritage Hub; Glasgow City Archives and Special Collections; The Business Library at the Mitchell; Mr Balfour Thomson; David Powell; The National Library of Scotland; Clydesdale Bank; Iron Mountain (especially the staff at the Livingston storage base); Neil Munro at Seafield; John Prideaux and Bill Farmsworth at Lothian Racecourse; North Lanarkshire Council Archives; James Gifford at the Banff Town and County Club; Kevin Roberts and George Gray at CoS Insurance; Miss Sonia Anderson; David Hebden at Carters, Cupar; The National Library of Scotland; University of Glasgow Library Special Collections; Mr LG Stewart of Balmanno House; Steven Walker of Solus; Kiara King and the Ballast Trust; Christine McCafferty at Diageo Archives; Highlands Council Archive; Standard Life.

All of whom have contributed some content to the information held within here.

(this page is an ongoing work, please let me know if I've missed you out)