Caradale Brick Limited

Company Number: SC01722
Date of Incorporation: 31 March 1888
Contact Details: 144 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 2HG
Operating Details: Active
Other names (if known): Glasgow Iron and Steel Company, Limited (GISCOL)
Function of Company*: Manufacture of bricks etc in baked clay (2640)
Headquarters/Base of Operations Location: Armadale, West Lothian (head offices) and Carluke, Lanarkshire (second site)
Area of Operation: Sells brick throughout the UK

*Taken from Standard Industrial Classification 2003, as used by Companies House in 2010


No records held by the Company itself

Held By: Glasgow University Archive Services UGD 223/8 (part of Lithgows accession NRA 19046)

Scope/type: Minutes 1941-1947

Conditions governing access/use: Usual GUAS rules

Related records: Some records in the NAS, including records of Argyll Colliery (see below)

Photo of the Etna Works at SCRAN

Company History

GISCOL (registered as a company in 1888) was the trading name of the Glasgow Iron & Steel Company Limited, an iron and steel producer with foundries and iron works situated in West Central Scotland.

As part of this work the company sunk pits at Machrihanish in 1946, which eventually became the Argyll Colliery, though the coal industry was nationalized before GISCOL could take control of production.

In 1952, the company commissioned and built the Mayfield brickwork in Carluke. In 1983 Giscol added the Etna works (established in 1897) to its portfolio and ran
both together until a management buy out in 1997 saw the formation of Caradale Traditional Bricks. By the mid-1980s the oldest kilns at Etna had been demolished.
Caradale currently operates as a traditional brickmaking company using shale clay in the traditional manner at Etna and Mayfield, though it no longer has any connection with other industrial work.