CALA Limited

Company Number: SC000610
Date of Incorporation: 29 March 1875
Contact Details: Adam House, 5 Mid New Cultins, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH11 4DU
Operating Details: Active
Other names (if known): The City of Aberdeen Land Association Limited (up to 1986)
Function of Company*: Holding companies including head offices (7415). Previously Property Investment (7020)
Headquarters/Base of Operations Location: originally Aberdeen, currently Edinburgh
Area of Operation: Branches operate across Scotland, and in Yorkshire the Midlands and South East of England

*Taken from Standard Industrial Classification 2003, as used by Companies House in 2010


Held By: University of Aberdeen Special Libraries and Archives GB0231 MS2626

Scope/type: 1820-1920 records in Messrs MacDonald and Partners, Land Surveyors, 18 boxes related to this company as yet uncatalogued

Conditions governing access/use: Open subject to the department’s usual terms and conditions of use, especially covering reproduction and copying.

Related records: 20 court records involving this company (as The City of Aberdeen Land Association) are held in the National Archives of Scotland.

Company History

Originally incorporated as a thriving land management and feu collection company in 1875, the City of Aberdeen Land Association (CALA) was the first Scottish company listed on the London Stock Market. In its original form (as the Land Association) before incorporation it played a major part in the planning and construction of the centre of Aberdeen. . Until its acquisition by Greencoat properties the company appears to have restricted its operations to Aberdeen and the surrounding areas.

In 1973, Greencoat Properties acquired a 55% stake in CALA. The following year CALA moved into residential development in Aberdeen on land owned since 1900. CALA Homes expanded, by acquisition and organic growth, moving into Edinburgh (1978), Glasgow (1987) and then into England in the late 1980s.

During that period of growth and expansion, in 1979, a group of senior managers acquired the Greencoat Properties’ stake in a management buy-in, one of the first of its kind. In 1999 the senior management acquired the company in a management buy-out (MBO).

In 2007 plans were announced for the future of the Group which includes a range of measures designed to ensure the company’s continued independence and growth and bring forward the next generation of directors.

In December 2009 the company entered into new funding arrangements with the Bank of Scotland, securing CALA’s long term future and putting in place the resources to fund future growth.

Thanks to the University of Aberdeen Archives and Special Collections for their permission to publicise their holdings on this company.