Bon-Accord Builders Services Limited

Company Number: SC000317
Date of Incorporation: 9 July 1869
Contact Details: Fenick House, 1 Lister Way, Hamilton International Technology Park, Blantyre, Glasgow, UK, G72 0FT
Operating Details: Dissolved
Other names (if known): Bon-Accord Slate Merchant Co Ltd (? See below)
Function of Company*: Non-trading company (7499). This company was previously listed as dormant when its accounts were last submitted in 2008. Formerly it was a slate merchant (5153) then a builders merchant (4550)
Headquarters/Base of Operations Location: Aberdeen
Area of Operation:

*Taken from Standard Industrial Classification 2003, as used by Companies House in 2010


Held By: Privately held, please contact the National Register of Archives for Scotland for details (held under NRAS3050)

Scope/type: minute books 1870-1986, share register and general ledgers and company documentation (articles of association, details of name changes etc)

Conditions governing access/use: All requests for access should be sent via the NRAS who will contact the holders.

Related records: This NRAS collection is for Hall and Tawse Scotland, and contains records of other subsidiaries and companies that worked at Rubislaw.

Company History

This company was incorporated as Bon-Accord Slate Merchant Company Limited and operated in Aberdeen, although the extent of the company’s range is unknown. In 1964 it changed its name to Bon Accord Builders’ Merchants Ltd and in 1973 to the current title. By this point it was from Rubislaw Quarry. Rubislaw Quarry eventually closed (having ceased to be actively quarried since 1970), and it is unclear if the company moved. By the late 1980s this company had become a subsidiary of Hall and Tawse Scotland, a large building contractors based in Aberdeen, although it was still active. the Edinburgh Gazette notes that it changed particulars of its directors in 1974 and in 2008. It may be that this last alteration reflects the fact that the assets of the company were sold to Carillion Builders’ Services, who appear to have been the last owners of the company. With this last change Bon-Accord Builders Services Limited also became dormant, and was eventually dissolved in 2010.

With thanks to the NRAS for their kind permission to re-use the record details