Balmanno House Limited

Company Number: SC002015
Date of Incorporation: 21 May 1890
Contact Details: Balmanno House, 3 Cleveden Road, Glasgow, Strathclyde G12 0NT
Operating Details: Active (Private, Limited by guarantee, no share capital)
Other names (if known): Incorporated Glasgow Old Man’s friend Society and Old Women’s Home (up to 1984)
Function of Company*: Other Human health activities (8514) and Social Work with accommodation (8531)
Headquarters/Base of Operations Location: Balmanno House, Glasgow
Area of Operation: Glasgow

*Taken from Standard Industrial Classification 2003, as used by Companies House in 2010


Held By: Apparently passed from Glasgow University Archives Services to Glasgow City Archives under NRAS1415. Glasgow City Archives have not yet confirmed this.

Scope/type: Minutes 1811-1974; Printed annual reports 1828-1976

Conditions governing access/use: Contact Glasgow City Archives/GUAS

Related records: none found

Company History

There are records of an Old Man’s Friend Society in Glasgow going back to 1863 (when the president is listed as a John Wright). In the late 1890s Baird and Thomson (a Glasgow based architectural partnership) designed buildings for use by the Society, which may have included Balmanno House. At this point Sir William Robertson Copland was one of the directors.

Balmanno House is situated on Cleveden road in the West End of Glasgow, and is currently listed as a small, home that accommodates 51 residents. The company is listed as the owner of the property, and as a small private home owner. Balmanno House is the only property owned by the company.

This company and property should not be confused with Balmanno Castle, in Perthshire.