Aberdeen Heritable Securities and Investment Company Limited

Company Number: SC001747
Date of Incorporation: 13 May 1888
Contact Details: c/o Haslemere Estates Mgmt Ltd, Hobart House, 80 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1EL
Operating Details: Dissolved 16 October 2001
Other names (if known):
Function of Company*: Letting of own property (7020)
Headquarters/Base of Operations Location: Aberdeen
Area of Operation: Aberdeen and Grampian area

*Taken from Standard Industrial Classification 2003, as used by Companies House in 2010


I’ve been unable to trace any extant records of this company, or any of the other companies taken over by Haslemere Estates Management Limited.

Related records: There are a large number of court files relating to this company in the National Archives of Scotland. There is a letter from the Company to the Aberdeen Stock Exchange Association in The University of Aberdeen Archive

Company History

There was an earlier company named the Aberdeen Heritable Securities Investment Company, which was incorporated under SC000469 in 1872 and was dissolved in 1932. It is unclear what relationship this had with the company incorporated in 1888. Its records are held under BT2/469 in the National Archives of Scotland. This company had acquired an Inverness agent by 1878 (one Donald Reid), and so was obviously not just limited to Aberdeen.

Although incorporated under the Companies Act in 1888, Aberdeen Heritable Securities and Investment Company Limited is listed in at least one case (as a defendant against Troup in 1916) as having been the owners of a property dating back to at least 1876. It may be that the earlier company (mentioned above) owned the property, and transferred it to the later company. This would imply that one company was a successor to another, possibly raising more share capital in its formation to allow it greater freedom to purchase more property.

The company appears to have been founded with the purpose to invest and then rent out property in the Aberdeen area, though according to various court cases the company appears to have quickly expanded throughout the north-east of Scotland. There are an unusually high amount of court cases involving this company extant in the NAS from 1890 to 1930, which would seem to indicate that the company owned a large amount of property. In 1906 the Company had its headquarters at 5 Union Terrace in Aberdeen.
It may be that the company was bought up early in the twentieth century by Scottish Metropolitan Property Company. The company was definitely bought up by Haslemere Estates Management (either as part of the acquisition of Scottish Metropolitan in 2000, or as a separate deal before 1986). Haslemere Estates is a large property developer which is, in turn, a subsidiary of the larger, Netherlands-based European retail property owner the Rodamco. Haslemere Estates still manages the assets of the company, following a change of name by Rodamco UK, the Aberdeen company itself has been dissolved.