The Records of the 100 Oldest Scottish Companies wiki

Welcome to the page where you can view the work in progress on locating the records of the 100 oldest Scottish companies. Please feel free to comment on any page, (just click on DISCUSSION above) and I'll attempt to address your concerns and make alterations where needed. Either dive into the project pages using the left side navigation bar, or use the links below to find out more about what's going on.

What is the project?

In brief, the aim of the project is to map out the records of the 100 oldest limited liability companies still registered at Companies House, Edinburgh. Scotland has a rich and diverse business heritage, yet often these important records and archives are underused and underappreciated. This project will attempt to both celebrate the rich diversity of records already held in archives, increase awareness of and access to existing collections and hopefully provide an impetus to companies holding records Here are the project aims and outcomes

Which companies are in the project?

Find a list of completed entries into the project here . A list of companies that I am interested in contacting about their records will be bought up soon.

Who is running the project?

The project is run by David Luck, the BACS Surveying Officer, with the support of The Business Archives Council of Scotland and Glasgow University Archive Services (GUAS).

What is the progress of the project?

Check out the BACS blog for regular updates, or look at the news page for ongoing progress